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INSPECTO Automation AG Nussbaumen Switzerland / Sniffers for 5 Gallon bottles, PET Preforms and Recycling Inspection

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Welcome to the world of Inspecto
Development and manufacturing of inspection systems
INSPECTO Automation AG our actual product range:
  • Contamination detection Machines - (Sniffers) for (5) gallon water container
  • Sniffer combined with Leak tester in one machine
  • PET Recycling black Specks Inspection
  • Preform Inspector: Inspection for offline inspection
  • Camera Inspection application for quality control, special customer focussed products
  • Machines for PET recycle material, quality inspection
  • Customer Specific developments
Canis 42CL 4 Head Siede Shift  Preform Inspection Pet recycling Insp. Canis 420 4 Head Linear
Preforn-insp1 Canis420C
canis220-Cl-450  canis120-Aircon Quality Problem canis320
Canis 220 2 Head Contamination and leak Canis 120 1 Head Optical Inspection Canis 320 3 Head Contamination+ leak
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