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Cap Inspector CI 120: Cap Inspection with Filling Level Check

The Linear Vision for fast Bottle inspection

The base inspector is used to inspect 5-gallon water containers for foreign particles. A camera takes a photograph of the base of the bottle where the foreign particles lie. The image is then processed by software which evaluates if the bottle is clean or not. The LED panel helps to establish a strong contrast so that the objects lying on the base can be easily detected. The bottles shall have no handle since it would cover up part of the base.

The base inspector operates as follows
By pressing the start button on the touch screen the (optional) gate opens and the bottles pass through the machine and are grabbed by a rubber belt which transports the bottles over the LED panel.
As soon as the bottle is underneath the camera
, a picture is taken and evaluated. If the bottle has been evaluated to be faulty, then the bottle is rejected onto an optional wheel conveyor.
An acoustic and optical alarm is set off according to the detected fault(s) when the bottle is rejected

Linear Base Inspection for high production Speed

Linear Base Inspection




Pictures Base inspection

Bottles without handle: 100% detection.
Bottles with handle: Not the whole bottom can be seen but 85% of it.


    screw real picture               detection of objects                Polypropylen bottle                       bottle with handle

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