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The Canis Sniffer and Leak detector Family: Canis-220
The Canis 220 has two heads and is available as
pure contamination detector
Leak detector combined with contamination detection
With two heads the Canis 220 handles two bottles at time. Pure contamination detection is faster than leak and contamination combined. Leak detection needs more time. The advantage of Canis 220: the machine needs not much maintenance and works very reliably. Of course, it is a quality inspection machine that works best under clean conditions.
Canis 220-CL
Leak detection combined with Sniffer 1000 bottles per hour

Machine with two Heads:
Leak detection: detects cracks and holes corresponding to a hole down to 0,5 to 0,6 mm. The pressure opens cracks. Fast measurement.

The contamination detection measurement is made with an electronic nose system: Low maintenance concept.

Canis 220 is avilable with a pneumatic height change to adapt to different bottle sizes: 6 gallon or 5 gallon or 3 gallon.

Detection: Contaminations such as gasoline, diesel, benzene, used motor oil, kerosene, naphthalene solvents: acetone, toluene, colour solvents, ammonia NH3, soft drinks, alcohol, fermented fruit juice
Sensitivity for Gasoline : 10 microlitres in a 20 litre bottle; 0,05% ammonia; 0,1% isopropanol, 3 microliters Toluene in a 20 litre container

You Tube Video: Canis 220 Sniffer and Leak Tester
Canis 220-C
Contamination only
Sniffer for up to 1800 bph

Detection: Contaminations such as gasoline, diesel, benzene, used motor oil, kerosene, naphthalene Solvents: acetone, toluene, colour solvents ammonia NH3, Soft drinks Alcohol, fermented fruit juice

The Sensitivity is the same as for the 220 CL

canis220Sip Canis220-Layout

The sniffer heads in the C-type machine are of a new type. The Canis 220 machine with the C-Sensors has been tested and approved Coca Cola®, and by Nestlé Waters Vittel PTC Water. The sensitivity for the tested contaminants is equivalent to other products and sufficient for the bottle inspection. The stability is better than with the common detectors. Two sensors per station double the already high operation safety. The first advantage is the low price of the sensor compared to UV or flash lamps used in other machines. The second advantage is that the sensors must not be cleaned; the sensors are replaced after 12 to 18 month. The absolute minimal maintenance saves money and the replacement of sensors is simple.

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