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Sample material Disc Inspection machine for recycled PET-material
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Quality inspection machine for PET-Recycle        
Small samples from the PET recycle material are collected during production. 
4 kg Flakes material out of 5000 kg is used to make sample disks.
This samples are inspected with a camera. Black Specks are classified. into 3 to 4 classes. The number of specks and the class size are counted. If the percentage of disk with Specks pass the Specification, then the Production-lot is free to be used for Preform. This process reflects the purity of produced flakes material astonishing well.

Machine with:
  • Sample feeder
  • Camera Inspection
  • Colour spectrum measurement
  • Defect Disk rejection

                    Sample Disc with Specks and cloud  

Disk Inspektion
Disc inspection, right Hand Injection machine

Disc Inspection IS10: Quality Inspection Machine for recycling or vergin PET

The quality of the recycling material is measured with counting the specks, classifiing them in classes and checking as well for clouds coming from dirt. Additional classes of very small Specks give a feedback about the quality of the production. The good function of Windshifters to remove lable or wood parts or of the Metall detectors are visible quickly after inspection.

Beside of Black Speck inspection the machine can be equipped witha color. Spektrometer. We have combined automation computer (PLC) which controlls the disc supply, To Camera and Spectrometer and Evaluation to a fully automatic inspection.  The machine with Spectrometer (Konica Minolta spectrophotometer) is able to test the color of hundreds (or thousands) of samples fast.

Our system transfers a sample (plastic) to the spectrophotometer, than instructs the spectrophotometer to take a color measurement, than transfers out the sample and transfers the next sample. The system is able to reject the color-faulted samples and collect the good ones.


Konicaminolta Black Specks

Evaluation screen with
Camera evaluation result
Color deviation from target
Advantage: Quality inspection on the Recycling PET Sample:
  • Black specks inspection
  • with very accurate measurment of  Speck sitze
  • Color spectrum measurement
  • repeated measurement for large amount of samples
  • visualization of the measured color data
  • detailed Excel document about each particular measurement
  • mechanical rejection of the color-faulted samples
  • the program runs on a normal PC computer
  • Email generation and sending of both a brief summary and the detailed Excel document
Two models of Conica Minolta Colour Spectrometersupper: older 3500dlower: new CM5 and CR5 
Minolta 10

Color Measurement 

At the color measurement you can specify a reference color and a tolerance radius. If the sample is little bit different from the reference color, but the difference is within the tolerance, then the sample will be accepted; otherwise it will be refused and even mechanically rejected to a separated container. If you are interested about the cloudiness of the samples, you also can specify a reference

 We offer this industrial Control software for CM5 ans CR5 for other applications

Processing of inspection Results:

 Haze value, and an upper or lower tolerance limit (or both). So, if the sample is too much cloudy comparing to the reference value, it will be refused and rejected. On the same way, if the sample is too less cloudy comparing to the reference value, it is refused and rejected. You can specify the acceptable difference with the upper and lower tolerance limit.

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