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Quality Inspection machine for PET-Recycling material
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Bottle to Bottle Recycling requests highest quality on the recycling material.

The solution is a permanent inspection of sampled material according to the customer specification.

Samples of flakes a taken continuously out of the recycling material production. From this sample material we produce Discs instead of Preforms. Discs (or pucks) are more reliable for inspection)

This plates are tested in our inspection machine for the parameters as following:
  • Black specks and other inclusions
  • Colour Spectrum and Yellowness measurement
  • Printing the Inspection result, production date and lot number on the plates (if requested)
  • Rejection of defective plates
  • Calculation of the tolerated defects
  • Sending the result per e-mail back to recycling production plant
If the result is sufficient, then the BIG Bags are free for delivery, if not then the BIG Bags are degraded in quality and will not be used for Preforms.

More details about Recycle Quality inspection (aproved by Coca Cola®)  on next page

Disk (Puck) Inspection
Disk Inspektion


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