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The Canis Sniffer and Leak detector Family
The name of Canis Sniffer reflects the excellent nose of a dog. Actually, there is no technical device anywhere that could really compete with a dog nose. However, Canis Sniffers reaches an outstanding standard regard to the inspection target:
It will detect most of contaminations (flavour residues) which might affect the taste of the bottled water.

Die Canis 5-Gallonen Machines are approved sins 2012 for Coca Cola® quality inspection

Sniffer for 3 to 6 Gallon water Containers, Electronic nose low maintenance, Reasonable costs - but efficient Sniffer for Quality insurance.

Canis 120-C
Contamination Detection, 1 Head
Sniffer for up to 800 Bottles per hour.

Canis 120-CL
Contamination detection combined
with leak detection 600 Bottles per hour

Canis 220-C
Contamination detection, 2 Head
Sniffer for up to 1500 B/h

Canis 220-CL
Contamination detection combined
with leak detection
up to 1100 Bottles / hour
Canis 120 CL-H
Canis 220 CL-H
Canis 320-C
Contamination detection, 3 Head
Sniffer for up to 2200 B/h

Canis 320-CL
Leak detection combined
with Sniffer 1550 Bottles / hour

Canis 420 C
Contamaination detection, 4 Head
Sniffer for 2600 Bottles / hour

Canis 420-CL
Contamination detection combined with Leck Detektor
up to 2000 Bottles/h

Canis 320 CL-H

H = Height adjust for 3 - 6 Gallon
Canis 420 CL-H Linear

Canis 420CC Side-Shift
Contamaination detection, 4 Head
Sniffer for 3000 Bottles / hour

Canis 420-CL Side-Shift
Contamination detection combined with Leck Detektor
up to 2400 Bottles/h

Canis 520-CL-Side shift
up to 3000 B/h
Canis 420 CL Side-Shift
Canis 420 Side shift Sydn
Canis 420 CL-H Side-Shift
Sniffers are Contamination Detection Systems for the gas phase in a bottle; the cost effective and very efficient solution for Bottle inspection. Eliminates bottles with contamination’s in 3 to 6 Gallon Containers made of Polycarbonate or PET.

The INSPECTO-CANIS -120/520 Inspector detects contamination’s such as:
  • Hydrocarbons: Gasoline, Diesel, Benzene, used Motor Oil, Kerosene
  • Naphthalene
  • Solvents: Acetone, Toluene, Colour solvents
  • Ammonia NH3
  • Soft drinks, fermented fruit juice
  • Alcohol: wine, beer
  • Vinegar, Garlic, Cigarettes, and many other conatminants
  • Detergents, Softener
Sensitivity for Gasoline : 10 micro liter in a 20L Container.  3 Microliter Toluen in a 20 Litter Bottle

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