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Preform Inspektor Models

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Preform Inspector Inline Production

INSPECTO Preform Inspector for up to 3 Cameras:

Finish, Sidewall for inclusions, Unmelts, wall thickness, Colour differences, Injection length, Stress-line analysis

The Preform Inspector is constructed for easy integration into the line. Space requirement : 850 mm.


Preform Inspection: Offline I-3600

Quality assurance in Preform Production
  • Sorting of Preform lots with defects
  • 3 Cameras:
    1 finish, 2 sidewall cameras
  • Option Base Camera
  • Clear, blue green and dark Preforms
  • Machine position horizontal
  • Preform Clip holder keeps the Preform stable

The Standard Functionen of INSPECTO Preform-Inspectors

  • Mouth Inspection:
    Detection of defects on the finish, on the inner edge and on outside edge of the Finish.
    Measurement of finish diameter and ovality.
  • Sydewall Inspection: Black Specks
    Resolution 0,2 mm2
    Inspection of the wall on inclusions
    Inspecton on crisalization in the wall
  • Color intensity measurment Transparency
  • Length of insjection point
  • Rejection of defectiv Preforms
  • Speed 24'000 up to 30'000 for samll Preforms
  • Channel for sorting a fixed number into boxes
  • Possibility of Speed control depending on Backcueing o the outfeed
  • Machine adjustable for Preform 26 mm, 28 mm up to 30 mm. Future up to 40 mm, Preform length 70 to 135 mm
INSPECTO Preform Inspection pays back in short time when sorting production lots with defects. Preform Inspection uses cameras to detect an eliminate defective Preforms before they arrive at the bottle blower. This ensures the continuity of the blowing process and enhances the efficiency of the production process.

Options for the the INSPECTO Preform Inspector:

The following options are available:
  • Side wall inspection for very dark Preforms inspection of the walls for opaque inclusions
  • Colour saturation measurements for dark Preforms (beer)

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