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INSPECTO Automation AG, Switzerland / Sniffers for 5 Gallon bottles,Visual Inspection, PET  Recycling Inspection

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Canis 320 linear
Canis 320 has 3 heads

The machine is available as

  • Pure Contamination Detector Option C
  • Contamination Detector combined with leak detector Option L
  • Height  adjustment for different bottle size
  • Bottle diameter adjustment
  • Machines are equipped with Remote supervision
  • Roller Conveyor for upright bottle rejection
The Canis 320 has three heads. This machine is made for fast lines up to 2200 bottles per hour. The combined contamination and leak machine is a bit slower. The Canis machines are robust and need little maintenance. The INSCO sensors need no maintenance. The sensors shall be changed every year. Even then the annual  cost for sensors are below 0,6% of machine cost. Of course, it is a quality inspection machine, that works best under clean conditions.
You Tube Video: Canis 320CL  
Canis 320-C
Pure contamination detection with three Heads
Production speed 2200 bottles per hour (36 Bottles bpm)
Machine with four heads equipped with eight semiconductor sensors
Robust construction and little maintenance

Detection: Contaminations such as gasoline, diesel, benzene, used motor oil, kerosene, naphthalene solvents: acetone, toluene, colour solvents, ammonia NH3, soft drinks, alcohol, fermented fruit juice
Sensitivity for gasoline : 10 micro litres in a 20 litre bottle; 0,05% ammonia; 0,1% isopropanol, 3 microliter toluene in a 20L container

Canis 320-CL
Contamination detection combined with leak detection
Production 1500 B/h (25 B/minute)

Machine with three Heads:
Leak detection with compressed air: Detects cracks and holes corresponding to a hole  of 0,5 mm in diameter and smaller. Most cracks are much wider, since the air pressure opens cracks.

The contamination detection measurement is made with an electronic sensor system INSCO. It has the same sensitivity as the Canis 420 C.

The Canis 420 is available with an automatic electric height change to adapt to different bottle size: 6 gallon or 5 gallon or 3 gallon. Adjustment for bottle diameter without tools.
Canis 320 C

The sniffer heads in the C-type machine are of a new type. The Canis 320 machine with the INSCO sensors has been tested and approved Coca Cola®, and by Nestlé Waters Vittel PTC Water. The sensitivity for the tested contaminants is equivalent to other products and sufficient for the bottle inspection. The stability is better than with the common detectors. Two sensors per station double the already high operation safety. The first advantage is the low price of the sensor compared to UV or flash lamps used in other machines. The second advantage is that the sensors don't need to be cleaned; the sensors are replaced after 12 to 18 month. The absolute minimal maintenance saves personnel and money and the replacement of the sensors is simple.


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