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INSPECTO Automation AG, Switzerland / Sniffers for 5 Gallon bottles,Visual Inspection, PET  Recycling Inspection

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Options for canis Sniffer

Most of the machines are equipped with all options

  • Leak Detection: Installation is performed in the construction of the machine height
  • height adjustment: Installation is performed in the construction of Maschine
  • Frequency inverter for driving and acceleration the conveyor
  • Air condition in one package with IP55 in the constructing machine
  • History function and daily storage on Memory Stick (part of the CC-package)
  • Roller Conveyor for Rejected bottles (against tipping over of bottles)
  • Remote Supervision for maintenance via internet. Directly from the Siemens control  pannel to Inspecto

The number heads can not be changed later as add on

Canis 420 automatic Height adjust
Leak detection
This feature is available as an option. It is usually fitted in the construction of the machine. Since the lifting station for leak measurement is different as for a pure sniffer, this option is retrofitable, but only with much effort.

height adjustment
With different bottle formats and bottle heights, a height adjustment of the machine is necessary. For the Canis 120 , 220, 320, the height adjustment is pneumatic
For the Canis 420, the height adjustment is electrically driven to stepper motors.
This feature will be installed during the construction of the machine. In the Canis 120 they can not be retrofitted .

Frequency inverter
All machines are normally equipped with a frequency inverter.
It is used to speed up the conveyor belt for the bottle change to achieve higher clock times (production speed). The controlled section of the conveyor belt should not be longer than 4-5 m, so that it responds quickly .

Air conditioner
Standard cabinets are equipped with ventilation. In tropical climates or in contaminated air or when IP55 is required, the AC option is offered along with the flap at the hub station (splash protection from below)

Canis 120CL- Aircon
Remote maintenance (Remote Supervision)
Especially with multi-head machines with combination with leakage measurement
can be helped more quickly when problems arise. Our remote maintenance only requires an Internet connection. The operator
starts and the connection from control panel to our computer. We can then see all the screens and also operate and adjust. The Inspecto remote maintenance does not require any open ports in the customer network. Only an Internet connection.
Security: The link goes directly to us. After turn off the machine, there is no more connection. We can not access from us to the machine.

420 Touch screen
youtoube short demo: www.youtoube.com/watch?v=hq75vgc4L8c   Remote supervision

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