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Cap Inspector CI 120: Cap Inspection with Filling Level Check


Every time a bottle passes the first photocell of the machine the vision sensor takes a photograph of the bottleneck where the cap is seated and evaluates it (correctness of cap position and presence). Then a capacitive sensor checks the preset water level. Faulty bottles are rejected according to the type of defect. A paint marking system is optionally available to code the defect on the bottle.

The CI 120 can be taught several cap shapes to run bottles with different types of caps.

Cap filling level1

Cap position filling level inspection


·         Cap inspection

·         Water level check

·         Bottle rejecter

·         Acoustic and optical alarm

·         Teach function for different bottle caps


·         Paint marking system for rejected bottles

·         Wheel conveyor for rejected bottles

·         Bottle gate to stop bottle line

Cap Filling Level2
  Cap position filling level inspection

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