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Preform Inspection
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INSPECTO specializes in Camera inspection and builds PET and Preform Inspectors

Preform Inspection increases the quality of the bottle production and the efficiency of the bottle blowing process.
Why Preform Inspection?
Why not inspection of the finished bottles after blowing?
The advantages of Preform Inspection:                                                           
  • Preform defects are coincidental therefore defects of Preforms is hardly ever detected. If defects are detected, the question is asked “how many may have already passed?
  • By measuring the weight of the bottle sectors and by checking pressure for burst the Blow-moulder adjustment can be checked, whereas accidental quality problems of the Preforms can’t.
  • A bottle blow-moulder can maintain the same level of quality for a long time, once it is well adjusted to the Preforms. However, if the Preform quality is changes or is insufficient, there are often problems.
  • Low quality of Preforms or defects will frequently cause problems in the bottle blow-moulder.
  • Preform defects are hardly visible to the eye.
  • Preforms found insufficient by the Preform Inspector are returned to the supplier.
There is a considerable number of possible defects, some of them are:
  • defects at the mouth (dips)
  • oval mouth due to damage during transport or production
  • mouth or thread not fully injected
  • defects in the side wall
  • foreign substances in the walls (black specks)
  • air bubbles inside the walls
  • Unmelts
  • crystallization in the walls or at the injection point
  • Foreign inclusions in the PET recycle material (see Recycle inspection)
  • discolouring into brownish colour or haze in recycled material
  • Colour deviation from standard
  • Colour deviation in dark Preforms (picture Beer Preform)
  • Injection Point too long or too short
  • Tension problems (large)
Example Preform Inspection Features:
  • mouth (finish) inspection:
    detection of defects in the sealing surface at the outer and inner edge measuring of diameter and ovality
  • side wall inspection: Detection Limit 0,2 mm2
    inspection of the walls for inclusions
    inspection for crystallization
  • sidewall thickness because of bended moulds
  • colour and transparency measurement
  • length of injection point
  • rejection of defective Preforms
  • production speed up to 36'000 Preforms per hour
  • speed control with sensors
  • conveyer stops in case of congestion
  • format: adjustable to Preforms with 26 or 28 mm, 30mm, 32mm
  • length variable from 70 to 135 mm below neck ring


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