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The mass spectrometer
Mass Spectrometer Spectrum analysis Operation of a MS  
The mass spectrometer is the most universal technology for the fast analysis of gas compositions.

The mass spectrometer has been known for decades. In former years, it used to fill a whole room. Today a mass spectrometer measures approx. 1/8 m3 (incl. pumps). The composition of the gas samples is analyzed by means of measuring the concentration of molecules in reference to their mass. The special technique used our mass spectrometer is the Softionisation, a technique which does not fragment molecules. Molecules thus remain complete and are not broken up into other compounds. This type of mass spectrometer is successfully employed today in the analysis of motor exhaust fumes, combustion engines, chemical processes, gases such as CO2 or, particularly, in foreign substance inspection. The main advantages of this method of gas analysis are the speed as well as the large range of substances with mass of 10 up to 500 AMA (atom mass units). The typical speed for exact measurements is 1 to 10 seconds. The equipment calibrates automatically with calibrating gases and oxygen isotope O34 in the surrounding air.

Basic operation of the mass spectrometer

Prinzip des Massenspektrometers
For detailed description see "Operation of mass spectrometer"

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